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REHABDATA THESAURUS 7th Edition, 2005.

This edition of the Thesaurus includes only the main terms used by NARIC abstractors.   Simply select a letter range (default is "A through C") for a full listing of terms used to index REHABDATA.   To view the full term record, select one of the terms listed.   For more information on the Thesaurus and its components, see the Introduction You may also download the full thesaurus in PDF format: Front matter; thesaurus; rotated thesaurus. A wiki version of the Thesaurus is up and open for comment at

[A - C]       [D - F]       [G - I]       [J - L]       [M - O]       [P - R]       [S - U]       [V - Z]      

Abstracts Architecture Brain damage Closure
Abuse Armed forces Brain injuries Clothing
Academic achievement Arms Breathing Cocaine
Access guides Art therapy Brothers Co-dependency
Access to care Arthritis Budget Codes
Accessibility Artificial intelligence Building codes Cognition
Accessibility legislation Arts Bulimia Cognitive disabilities
Accessible information Ashkenazi Jews Burnout Cognitive rehabilitation
Accessible media Asian Americans Burns Cognitive therapy
Accident prevention ASL (American Sign Language) Business College students
Accommodation Asperger's syndrome Cancer Colleges
Accountability Assertiveness Capacity building Colostomy
Accounting Assessment Captioning Coma
Accreditation Assistive technology Cardiac disorders Communication
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Associations Cardiopulmonary function Communication devices
Activities of daily living (ADL) Asthma Cardiovascular function Communication disorders
Acupuncture Atrophy Careers Communication skills
Acute care Attendant care Caregivers Community centers
ADA Attention deficit disorders Caregiving Community integration
ADAAG Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Carpal tunnel syndrome Community living
Adaptation Attitudes Case closure Community resources
Adaptive devices Attitudes toward disabilities Case flow Community services
Adaptive equipment Attitudes toward disabled Case management Community supports
Adaptive technology Attitudinal barriers Case recording Community-based services
Addiction Audiology Case reviews Competitive employment
Adjustment Audiometry Case studies Compliance
Administration Audiovisual materials Caseload management Compliance with treatment
Administrators Audiovisuals Casework Computer access
Adolescents Augmentative and alternative communication Catalogs Computer applications
Adoption Autism Cataracts Computer-assisted instruction
Adult education Autobiography Catheterization Computers
Adults Autoimmune disorders Cause of illness Conditioning
Advertising Babies Cells Conference proceedings
Advocacy Back Census Conferences
AFDC Back injuries Central nervous system Congenital disorders
Affirmative action Back pain Cerebral palsy Consulting
African Americans Bacterial infection Cerebrovascular accident Consumer groups
Afro-Americans Balance Cerebrovascular disease Consumers
Aged Barrier free access Certification Continuing education
Agencies Barrier free design Change agents Contract procurement
Aggression Barriers Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome Contracts
Aging Bathrooms Chat rooms Controls
Agriculture Bed sores Checklists Cooperation
Aid to Families with Dependent Children Behavior Chemotherapy Cooperative school programs
Aides Behavior disorders Chicanos Coordination of services
AIDS Behavior modification Child abuse COPD
AIDS related complex Behavior problems Child care Coping
Air transportation Behavioral treatment Child development Coronary
Alcoholism Bereavement Children Correctional facilities
Aliens Bibliographies Chiropractic treatments Cost benefit analysis
Allergies Bibliotherapy Chronic chorea Costs
Allied health personnel Biochemistry Chronic fatigue syndrome Counseling
Almanacs Bioengineering Chronic illness Counseling effectiveness
ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Biofeedback Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Counseling psychology
Alternative communication Biographies Chronic pain Counseling techniques
Alternative formats Biomaterials Churches Counseling theory
Alternative medicine Biomechanics Circulation Counselor attitudes
Alzheimer's disease Birth defects Circulatory diseases Counselor characteristics
Ambulation Blacks Circulatory system Counselor education
American Indians Bladder Civil rights Counselor employment
American Sign Language Bladder function Civil service Counselor evaluation
Amplification systems Blind Classification systems Counselor performance
Amputations Blindness Clearinghouses Counselors
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Block grants Cleft palate Country names
Analysis Blood disorders Clergy Court cases
Anatomy Blood pressure Client assistance programs Crime prevention
Anemia Body Client characteristics Criminal justice
Animal studies Body coordination Client evaluation Criminals
Animals Body image Client records Crisis intervention
Ankle Body movement Client satisfaction Crutches
Annual reports Bone diseases Client training Cultural diversity
Anorexia Bone disorders Client-counselor relations Culturally disadvantaged
Anxiety disorders Bones Clients Culture
Aphasia Bowel function Clinical management Cumulative stress disorders
Appropriations Boys Clinical psychology Curriculum
ARC Braces Clinical trials Cybernetics
Architectural accessibility Braille Clinics Cystic fibrosis
Architectural barriers Brain Closed head injuries