NARIC indexes more international journal articles than books, but below are the names of publishers with books indexed in REHABDATA, or originally indexed by the Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE). Clicking on the publisher name will allow you to view international research records in REHABDATA that were published 1972 to present. You may also want to browse publishers indexed solely in REHABDATA (primarily US-based research).

Adaptive Environments Center and MIG Communications
American Psychological Association
Basic Books
Baywood Publishing Co., Inc
Bentham Sciences Ltd.
Canadian Standards Association
Cornell University
Cranfield Institute of Technology
Croom Helm Ltd.
Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross
Environmental Design Research Association
Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University
Human Factors Association of Canada
International Code Council, Inc
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers
Kluwer Science/Plenum
McGraw Hill
McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
North Carolina State University
Norwegian State Housing Bank
Program on Environment and Behavior, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado
RMIT University
Singular Publishing Group, Inc.
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Standards Australia International
Taylor and Francis, Ltd
The Architectural Research Centers Consortium
Transportation Research Board
Van Nostrand Reinhold
World Health Organization