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Searching NARIC Database: A tutorial.

This tutorial is also available as a PDF.

Step 1: Choose the right information tool.

We've developed two ways to access the resources collected in NARIC's databases. You may choose to browse your way through by subject or dive in and search using your own key words:

Browse by Topic and Librarian's Picks.

If you're not sure where to start, try the browse by topic pages. Choose a topic from the select menu. The next page will guide you through NARIC's database by running targeted searches in the topic you've selected. We've designed the queries to search for many possible keywords for each topic. The Librarian's Picks are hand-picked resources (agencies, organizations, and websites) we use to assist our patrons in finding the help they need.

screen shots showing the browse by topic page with Brain Injuries selected, and the browse by topic page for brain injuries.

Search by keyword.

NARIC has three databases to choose from for your search. Which one should you use?

Document Abstracts. Use this database if you are looking for documents indexed available from the NARIC collection. REHABDATA contains more than 60,000 abstracts of documents on disability and rehabilitation. This database contains records for documents published after 1996. For older documents, select REHABDATA 1956-1996 from the Advanced Options menu.

Research Projects. Use this database if you are looking for current research projects funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. NIDRR funds more than 300 projects per year covering a wide array of disability and rehabilitation issues. Each record lists contact information, funding, and an abstract. For NIDRR funded literature, select NIDRR Research from the Advanced Options Menu to search the NIDRR Compendium.

Organizations, Journals, & Bookmarks. Use this database to find organizations, journals, and Web pages related to disability and rehabilitation.

screen shot of main search page showing one blank with three databases to choose from

Select a data type, enter your keywords, and click SEARCH. For help is choosing keywords, or expanding or narrowing your search go to Step 2: Using keywords