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reSearch: A collection of research reviews on rehabilitation topics from NARIC and other information resources.

reSearch is a new information product from the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC). Each issue is based on real-world queries received by our information specialists from researchers, educators, and rehabilitation professionals around the world.

Check out the current issue in HTML or PDF, or read a back issue.

    Volume 6, 2011
  • Number 4, December, Spanish-speaking Individuals and Disability HTML, PDF (763Kb).
  • Number 3, June, Recreational Therapy HTML, PDF (983Kb).
  • Number 2, March, Workplace Accommodations & Individuals with Disabilities HTML, PDF (736Kb).
  • Number 1, January, Substance Abuse and Disability. HTML, PDF (265Kb).
    Volume 5, 2010
  • Number 5, November, Sexuality, Intimacy, and Disability. HTML, PDF (263Kb)
  • Number 4, August, Evidence Based Practice in SCI Rehabilitation. HTML, PDF (142Kb)
  • Number 3, May, Dual Status: Racial and Ethnic Minorities, and Disability. HTML, PDF (243Kb).
  • Number 2, March, Invisible Disabilities. HTML, PDF (105Kb).
  • Number 1, February, Autism and Alternative and Augmentative Communication. HTML, PDF (167Kb).
    Volume 4, 2009
  • Number 4, November, Electronic and Information Technology Access. HTML, PDF (79Kb).
  • Number 3, August, Prescription of Physical and Occupational Therapy. HTML, PDF (234Kb).
  • Number 2, May, Custodial and Parental Rights of Individuals with Disabilities. HTML, PDF (182Kb).
  • Number 1, February, Telerehabilitation. HTML, PDF (193Kb).
    Volume 3, 2008
  • Number 6, December, Ethics in Vocational Rehabilitation. HTML, PDF (133Kb).
  • Number 5, September, Transition: Post-Secondary, Employment, and Community. HTML, PDF (279Kb).
  • Number 4, July, Brain Computer Interface Technology, HTML, PDF (191Kb).
  • Number 3, May, Universal Design: Architecture and Visitability, HTML, PDF (112Kb).
  • Number 2, March, Fibromyalgia: Treatment and Management, HTML, PDF (209Kb).
  • Number 1, January, Knowledge Translation and Systematic Reviews, HTML, PDF (112Kb).
    Volume 2, 2007
  • Number 5, October: Brain Injury and Community Integration, HTML, PDF (304Kb).
  • Number 4, August: Education Policy and Persons with Disabilities, HTML, PDF (387Kb).
  • Number 3, May: Olmstead and Community-Based Services for Persons with Psychiatric and Intellectual Disabilities, HTML, PDF (217Kb)
  • Number 2, April: The Disability Rights Movement: From Client to Consumer, HTML, PDF (102Kb)
  • Number 1, February: Best Practices in Vocational Rehabilitation, HTML, PDF (259Kb)
Volume 1, 2006
  • Number 5, December: Piriformis Syndome, HTML, PDF (95Kb)
  • Number 4B, September: Stiff Person Syndrome, HTML, PDF (103Kb)
  • Number 4A, September: Locked-In Syndrome, HTML, PDF (91Kb)
  • Number 3, July: Aphasia and stroke rehabilitation, HTML, PDF (93Kb).
  • Number 2, June: Best practices in prosthetics and orthotics, HTML, PDF (126Kb).
  • Number 1, April: Evidence-based practice in life skills training, HTML, PDF (56Kb).