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The list below highlights 328 document abstracts added within the last 30 days.   Click the new link to read the latest additions for a given topic.   Some abstracts are related to several topics.

These keyword searches were developed specifically for REHABDATA Connection.   They are not a fool-proof method for topic searches, but will give a comprehensive listing of the latest abstract.   You can learn about how these search strategies were created by visiting the Search Strategies document.

Records are organized by when they were added to the database, not their publication date.

Autoimmune disorders
Blindness/visual impairments 17 new
Brain injuries 56 new
Deafness/hearing impairments 27 new
Developmental disabilities 12 new
Neurological/neuromuscular disorders 90 new
Psychological disabilities 60 new
Spinal cord injury 21 new
Stroke 25 new
ADA 2 new
Advocacy/self help 15 new
Aging 30 new
Any legislation/policy 153 new
Assistive technology/devices 21 new
Attitudes/feelings 9 new
Burn injury 36 new
Caregiving 3 new
Case administration and management/counseling 31 new
Children/youth/infants 49 new
Disability Studies
Education/school 75 new
Emergency Preparedness 1 new
Employment/transition to work 95 new
Evaluation/needs assessment/tests 129 new
Family issues 24 new
Home modification
Independent living/community integration 73 new
Information resources 48 new
International rehabilitation 29 new
Knowledge translation 1 new
Learning disabilities 8 new
Medical or rehabilitation facilities 37 new
Medical rehabilitation/rehabilitation medicine 49 new
Mental health/self concept 36 new
Mobility issues 51 new
Money I: Organizations 14 new
Money II: Consumers 14 new
Organization management/project administration 66 new
Participatory action research 2 new
Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy 35 new
Recreation/leisure/sports 48 new
Rehabilitation success/outcome 46 new
Research methodology 25 new
Research utilization 5 new
Self care/daily living 33 new
Service delivery/rehabilitation services 30 new
Special populations: ethnic groups/rural services 4 new
Statistics/demographics/epidemiology 39 new
Surveys/questionnaires 22 new
Transportation/travel 6 new
Universal design
All NIDILRR documents (by funded and defunded projects) 116 new
Fellowships (H133F)
Field-Initiated Projects (H133G) 3 new
Model Spinal Cord Injury Systems (H133N) 1 new
NIDILRR Contracts (HN)
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (H133E) 4 new
Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers (H133B) 18 new
Research and Demonstration Projects (H133A) 35 new
Research Training Grants (H133P) 2 new
Small Business Innovative Research (RW) 1 new
State Technology Assistance (H224A)
Utilization Projects/ADA projects (H133D)