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Health and Function.

Modulation of Catabolism Mediated by Catecholamine in Severely Burned Children: Analysis of Outcomes at Hospital Discharge, 6 Months, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Years Post-Injury.
University of Texas Medical Branch.
815 Market Street.
Galveston, TX  77550.

E-mail: kepperso@utmb.edu.
Principal Investigator: David Herndon, MD; Oscar Suman, PhD.
Public Contact Phone: 409/770-6573.
Fax: 409/770-6919.
Project Number: H133A120091.
Start Date: October 1, 2012.
Length: 60 months.
NIDILRR Officer: A. Cate Miller, PhD.
NIDILRR Funding: FY 12 $373,000; FY 13 $373,000; FY 14 $373,000; FY 15 $373,000; FY 16 $373,000.
Abstract: This Pediatric Burn Center conducts clinical research studies that aim to modulate the catabolic and hypermetabolic response to burn trauma and improve long-term outcomes in children with severe burns. Site-specific studies assess: (1) the efficacy of propranolol administered for one year post-burn to diminish the effects of catecholamine to reduce the hypermetabolic and catabolic response, and (2) the efficacy of the combination of oxandrolone plus propranolol administered for one year post-burn to diminish the effects of catecholamine to reduce the hypermetabolic and catabolic response.
Descriptors: Burn Injury Model Systems, Burns, Children, Model Systems, Outcomes, Oxandrolone, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, propranolol.

Knowledge Translation.

National Data and Statistical Center for the Burn Model Systems.
University of Washington.
1959 NE Pacific Street
Box 357920.
Seattle, WA  98185.

E-mail: burndata@uw.edu  mcmulk@uw.edu.
URL(s): http://burndata.washington.edu/.
Principal Investigator: Dagmar Amtmann, PhD; Kurt Johnson, PhD.
Public Contact Phone: 720/380-0073.
Fax: 206/543-2779.
Project Number: H133A130004.
Start Date: April 12, 2013.
Length: 60 months.
NIDILRR Officer: Kenneth D. Wood, PhD.
NIDILRR Funding: FY 13 $350,000; FY 14 $350,000; FY 15 $350,000; FY 16 $350,000; FY 17 $350,000.
Abstract: The purpose of the National Data and Statistical Center for the Burn Model Systems (BMS Data Center) is to (a) maintain and enhance a longitudinal database following individuals with burn injury, (b) support research on health outcomes in burn injury conducted by both researchers in the NIDILRR Burn Model Systems Centers (BMS Centers) and external to the BMS Centers, and (c) provide annual reports to the public. The project enhances the technological foundation of the BMS Database by adding more sophisticated reporting features; enhances the capacity of BMS Data Centers to collect high quality data on individuals with burn injury from all racial and ethnic backgrounds through training and technical assistance; improves the capacity of researchers within and outside of the BMS Centers to engage in research and statistical analysis of the longitudinal database through technical assistance and direct participation in research, statistical analysis, and writing; collaborates with other NIDILRR-funded data centers in spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury and with national organizations that collect large datasets on burn injury, such as the American Burn Association’s National Burn Repository, to increase efficiency and reduce redundant effort; and improves the quality of information provided to the public through better reports and the development of consumer-friendly materials. The primary outcome across all five years of the project is the development of significant research evidence about the effects of burn injury on the lives of burn survivors through the maintenance and enhancement of a robust, high quality, longitudinal database; and through training and technical assistance to those who use it.
Descriptors: Burn Injury Model Systems, Burns, Databases, Statistics.

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